To celebrate our founding in 1906, the GFWC Oviedo Woman's Club initiated the 1906 Society. This committee of members is dedicated to:

  • Honoring the rich traditions of the founding members of the 1906 Magazine Club
  • Preserving the past history of the GFWC Oviedo Woman's Club
  • Improving our Clubhouse to provide a welcoming place for all
  • Ensuring our Club's future

Charter membership was available through February 6, 2015. After chartering, the 1906 Society offers memberships:

  • Mrs. H. B. McCall Level - Mrs. McCall was the founding president of the Oviedo Magazine Club.
  • Mrs. Louise Martin Level - Mrs. Louise Martin has been a member of GFWC Oviedo Woman's Club since 1947.
  • Mrs. Roberta McQueen Level - During the tenure of Mrs. Roberta McQueen as president, the GFWC Oviedo Woman's Club established the 1906 Society.
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